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Combo: 80m Lifting facial+body massage

40m Lifting facial +40m Body massage

  • 1 h 20 min
  • 95 US dollars
  • Smiles Spa in Hackensack

Service Description

pay with cash:$90, pay with card: $95 There are many benefits to both facial massage and body massage, and combining the two can provide a more comprehensive range of health benefits. Here are the benefits of combining facial massage and body massage: Improves blood circulation: Massage can improve blood circulation, thereby improving the health of the skin, muscles, and body tissues. Facial massage can improve facial blood circulation, while body massage can improve blood circulation throughout the body. Relieves muscle tension and pain: Facial massage can soothe facial muscle tension and pain, while body massage can relieve pain and tension in the entire body. Boosts immune system: Body massage can stimulate the lymphatic system, promoting the elimination of waste from the body and boosting the immune system. Facial massage can also promote lymphatic circulation in the face, aiding in the elimination of facial waste. Improves skin quality: Facial massage can improve skin quality by promoting facial blood and lymphatic circulation, increasing the supply of nutrients and oxygen. Body massage can also improve skin quality by promoting blood and lymphatic circulation. Relieves stress and anxiety: Body massage can relax the body and mind, relieving stress and anxiety. Facial massage can also stimulate facial nerves and acupoints to promote relaxation and relieve stress. In conclusion, combining facial massage and body massage can improve overall health, improve skin quality, relieve stress and anxiety, and boost the immune system.

Contact Details

  • 336a Main Street, Hackensack, NJ, USA

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